Pregnant at 17: All I wanted was to be free

Falling pregnant at age seventeen seemed to be the end of Nontokozo’s world. Her dreams had to be put on hold, and a degree seemed like a distant possibility. Read more

I lost my daughter to cancer

Dear O, I miss you dearly, it’s been a while but I will be fine. Days are getting better, and everyone is doing just fine. Mommy is imagining a 20-year old you, in varsity and living your fullest life.

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Mitchells Plain exposed me to gangsterism

A potentially fatal eye operation and growing up in a community often notorious for drugs and gangsterism could not stop Lance from achieving his goals. Read more

I have been through all the cancer meds

Radiation, chemotherapy, a mastectomy - and medication for life. What more could one woman have to face? Nava shares her brave story of living with and battling cancer.

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I was dead for 45 minutes

After a heart attack left her without a heartbeat for 45 minutes, Zhaunine’s journey to the other side of death and back gave her new purpose and hope for her life. Read more

Apartheid affected us all

In 2003 the white church leaders of our town repented to the black church leaders for the sins of apartheid. In 2008, we repented in the Mpumalanga government, and in 2017 we repented in Parliament.

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We got by each day even though we were not rich

Mashudu, a young woman from Limpopo, shares her story of growing up in poverty – yet being able to triumph above her circumstances.

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Living with dyslexia

A lecturer once said to me that if she were my mother she wouldn’t be wasting her money on someone like me. Read more

Raising a child with Haemophilia

Nerissa, a mother of two, shares her story of what it's like to raise a child with Haemophilia and how she's raising awareness about the condition. Read more