Our team at Heartlines has developed a wide range of resources to help you use What's Your Story? in many different contexts. Our current range is available to download for free. You'll just need to fill in your name and email address to access each download. 

If you would prefer to register and do one of our free, step-by-step courses with videos and session breakdowns, visit our courses page.

Empathy: Ask. Listen. Tell.

At the core of WYS is the value of empathy. This animation unpacks empathy and the values of Ask, Listen, Tell in a simple way. 

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Run WYS Toolkit

Share our What's Your Story? brochure with your leaders or church members to give them a better understanding of what it's all about. 

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WYS Promo Video

This promotional video for What's Your Story? can be shared with your church or groups to help them understand the heart behind the initiative. 

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