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Fatherhood in South Africa webinar series: Research for action

An overview of the first of a four-part webinar series on fatherhood in South Africa with Latasha Treger Slavin from Heartlines and Wessel van den Berg from Sonke Gender Justice.

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Heartlines study on fatherhood in South Africa: 'It's complicated'

While many children, raised by single mothers, grow up and thrive, for many others the absence of a positive and active presence of men in their lives puts them at risk.

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eNCA News

eNCA Interview: Absence of fathers has a negative impact on children | Research

Many single mothers are doing an amazing job of raising their children. But, new research from Heartlines shows the absence of fathers has a negative impact on children.

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The Azania Mosaka Show - 702

How active, positive fathers impact their children's lives

Only a third of South African children live in the same household as their biological father. This conversation around fatherhood gives us context for some of the resulting challenges within our society. 

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Sara-Jayne King - CAPE TALK

The impact of absent fathers on SA children

Research shows that 60% of South African children have absent fathers. More than 40% of South African mothers are single parents. What impact does the lack of a father figure have on children?

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